Our Board Directors


SAzEA is a not-for-profit organization. We’d like to thank our extraordinary Board for their dedication to the sport of eventing and their vision for our organization.  Every member of SAzEA's volunteer Board has given money, services, and thousands of hours of their time supporting the fundraisers, shows, and the cross-country development and maintenance.

  • Taharra Morris-Reid, President

  • Marian LaLonde, Vice President marian.lalonde@quarles.com

  • Elizabeth Patten, Secretary

  • Jana Flagler, Treasurer 520-432-5479

  • Terri Renwick, Director


  • DenisE Krause-Spangler, Director  
    520- 360-4124 DMKPerformanceHorses@Gmail.com  

  • Manuela Propfe, Director